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real estate photography

Due to the nature of scheduling real estate photography sessions, I am not able to wait while you prepare the property to be photographed. If the property is not ready I will need to photograph it as it is. No exceptions. There will be a $50 return trip fee if you need to reschedule.


  • Park vehicles away from the house or in the garage.

  • Freshen up landscaping.

  • Remove trash, branches, leaves, etc.

  • Remove dead plants, trees, etc.

  • Sweep outdoor space and walkways.

  • Remove visible foliage from the roof and gutters.

  • Spread fresh mulch.

  • Remove debris, hose, and toys from the pool.

  • Store outdoor trash and recycling bins - it is best to place them in a garage area in an outside shed for the photoshoot.

  • Store garden hoses and caddy.

  • Store outdoor tools, equipment, and so on.

  • Store toys, bikes, etc.

  • Store BBQ and accessories or clean it.

  • Wash windows and glass doors.

  • Clean outdoor furniture.

  • Place pillows, umbrellas, etc., on outdoor furniture.

  • Straighten outdoor furniture.

  • Store seasonal decor.

  • Mow the grass, rake up leaves, pull weeds, and remove any dead vegetation.

  • Straighten lounge chairs, stow cleaning tools, and set up your patio umbrella if you have one.

  • Turn on pool light(s), spa bubbles, and waterfalls.

  • Remove the cover, floating chlorine dispenser, pool sweep, and pool toys


  • Clear all countertops and remove clutter.

  • Depersonalize home with photos, names, etc.

  • Turn off fans; store portable fans.

  • Clean mirrors and windows.

  • Vacuum carpets and polish floors.

  • Store wastebaskets in laundry baskets out of sight.

  • Store pet dishes, toys, beds, etc.

  • Turn off televisions, computers, and dust screens.

  • Display attractive books, magazines, etc.

  • Store remote controls and chargers.

  • Straighten furniture.

  • Hide electrical cords and cables.

  • Store toys and video games.

  • Store seasonal decor.

  • Remove rugs and runners in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms so that the floor can be seen clearly.

  • Remove excess furnishings and knick-knacks from rooms.

  • Remove dirty dishes, food, etc.

  • Store food.

  • Clear counters of clutter and small appliances.

  • Remove refrigerator magnets, photos, etc.

  • Clean surfaces and appliances.

  • Hide soaps, towels, cleaning items, etc.

  • Store draining racks.

  • Organize open shelves.

  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor and rug.

  • Minimize photos and personal items.

  • Organize bookshelves.

  • Minimize knick-knacks.

  • Set tables with simple place settings.

  • Remove excess furniture and accessories.

  • Make the beds correctly and remove wrinkles.

  • Arrange decorative pillows.

  • Store clothing and shoes.

  • Remove items underneath the bed if they can be seen.

  • Remove all clutter.

  • Tidy master closets.

  • Declutter and depersonalize bedside tables.

  • Organize children’s rooms and remove clutter.

  • Remove laundry and stow hampers.

  • Close toilet lids.

  • Remove countertop items.

  • Remove bath and shower items.

  • Store toilet brushes, plungers, and wastebaskets.

  • Store towels.

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