I'm A Buyer

Congratulations on your decision to pursue home ownership! There is no greater satisfaction than receiving the keys to your new home at closing! 

I love this process so much! It’s important to travel this journey with someone who understands the process, has the patience to navigate the search for your perfect property, and can negotiate the best price for you. I believe I am that guy!

But after all of that, the one thing I bring to the table that NOBODY else does is my real estate photography business. As a Houston real estate photographer I am always photographing homes for other Realtors BEFORE they hit the market. For a buyer that I represent, this offers a leg up in the home search because I know what’s coming to the market before the market!

I am excited to get started on this journey with you and will do my best to make it as smooth as possible for you and your family. Here are the steps to purchasing a home with me and my team.


It is important to start with this step so you know exactly what price range of home you are searching for. It is an absolute must before moving forward with the process. In this process you will locate a mortgage company and submit basic information so they can determine if you can qualify to purchase a property and if so, how much.

Here Are A Few Forms You May See During The Process

These are a few of the forms you may see during the transaction process. If there is any form you do not understand, download it and consult your attorney.

This section is still under construction

Wire fraud is very real and it happens in real estate transactions.

IABS stands for Information about brokerage services. This basically outlines what a broker is and is not.

More to come

More to come